Act of Aloha – Repurpose Furniture

Free Furniture Pick Up Oahu Delivery

Act of ALOHA - Oahu Re-Purpose Furniture Pick Up

Pick Up Criteria - We do NOT pick up trash!

All furniture must be in good, reusable condition include all parts in good working order. Materials must be free of structural damage, pest damage, mold, rot or excessive dirt. 

Free Furniture Pick Up - Every Wednesday

Do you have old furniture taking up space?

OahuDelivery can help! REPURPOSE your furniture!

Every Wednesday picks up your used furniture – FREE! 

Our friendly Oahu Delivery Drivers will pick up furniture you don’t need anymore. If necessary, we will refurbish, clean and disinfect them, before making them available to the community. Recycling helps the environment. Your ACT OF ALOHA will help your community and free up space in your home or storage. 

Repurpose your old furniture.  Available slots go fast! Text “FREE” to (808) 400-0892

Schedule an appointment, text

“FREE” to (808) 400-0892

Why Re-Purpose Furniture with Oahu Delivery?

Repurpose Furniture Recycle
Reduce Waste & Make Hawaii More Sustainable

Ancient Hawaiians knew how to household their resources. We can relearn and re-purpose

Act of Aloha - Help your Community
Act of Aloha - Help Your Community

Help Students, People Fresh off the Boat, Military, Lower Income Families and People with a small budget.

Clear Storage Repurpose Furniture Oahu
Free Up Space

Free up space in your home or your storage. If you buy new stuff, contact and have it delivered 😉

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What we pick up...


Sleeper Couches

Recliner Couches



Tables (coffee, kitchen, end tables)


Book Shelves



Stools / Ottomans


Bed Frames


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...but there are a few things we don't

Non-Functional Furniture

Structural Damaged Furniture

Moldy Furniture

Water Damaged Furniture

Rot Damaged Furniture

Excessively Dirty Furniture

Commercial Furniture 

Lab Tables 

Most items over 300lbs

Pool Tables

Office Partitions

You have something that’s not listed? 

Text us a brief description of the item and a picture and we will get back to you.

(808) 400-0892